ELFVIK FILM Reklamfilm mm.

Elfvik film gör er nya företagsfilm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCCn7ZRf77w

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ALL THE WAY HOME till Toronto International Film Financing Forum.

"All the way home" är utvald som en av de filmer som kommer
att delta i International Film Financing Forum (IFF) under Toronto
Film Festival.

“All the Way Home”, is a family comedy film, filled with heart and humor.  It’s the story of an eccentric woman in her 40s, Ella Hemberg, a successful novelist in America, hitting a creative and financial dry spell,  who suddenly has to return to Sweden, her not so loved home Country, for his father´s unexpected death.  Hoping to find there the financial answer to her current crisis,  followed by her obsessed literary agent, and having to face all types of obstacles, she ultimately takes this chance to rediscover the family she left behind and to find the inspiration she needs to write her new book."

Filmen produceras av Ingemar Johansson och är ett samarbete
med Filmpool Nord.

ALL THE WAY HOME (Feature film

“All the Way Home”, a family movie filled with heart and humor, is a story about letting go of the past and finding a new beginning. Ella Johnson, a once successful romance novelist, is suddenly pulled out of her fast-paced life in Toronto when a clause in her father´s will calls her back to her childhood hometown in Scandinavia. Set against the stunning beauty of the High Coast and archipelago of northern Sweden, this film looks at a mature woman taking life´s last chances to rediscover the family she almost left behind.

Producer: Ingemar Johansson

Script: Gunnar Nordström and Kristen Nordström


Chinese driver (Feature film)

THE CHINESE DRIVER.                         
This is going to be 100 minutes of drama with comic undertones about anenglish woman who falls in love with her chinese driver. “Lost in translation” meets “Falling In Love”...

Producer: Ingemar Johansson